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Lead Generation

To identify individuals or organizations that may have an interest in a company's product or service.

The ROI of any Exhibitor.

What's the difference?

Providing Sales qualified leads to sponsors effectively incentivises them to invest in your event. Sales qualified leads (SQLs) are typically leads that have been identified as being closer to making a purchase decision, whereas marketing leads (MQLs) are generally earlier in the sales process and require further nurturing.


To provide sponsors with SQLs, you must have a process for identifying and qualifying leads, not just collecting them. This could involve collecting data on attendees during the registration process and using tools like lead scoring, lead nurturing, and instant appointments, to determine which leads are the most likely to convert.

  • Lead Capture

  • Registration Integration

  • CRM Integrations

  • No Hardware

  • Easy distribution 

  • Self Service

  • Surveys

  • Qualifying Questions

  • Dashboard for Sales Team

  • Dashboard for Organiser

  • Measure ROI

  • Set Appointments

  • Gamification

  • Event Marketing

  • Personalisation

  • Simple Deployment

  • Secure and encrypted

  • Nurture program


Complete knowledge of all products in the market.
Years of experience using them, deploying them and following up on leads.

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